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What you need to know about investing in SDA property under the NDIS ​

When wanting to invest in an SDA property, one needs to be mindful of how complex an investment it could be and also have the skills and knowledge to navigate through what is marketing noise appealing to your fear of missing out or your greed for overly stated incomes.
As the saying goes “when you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you make an informed investment decision?”
I give you access to my 16 years as a professional in the investment property space where I guarantee to save my clients time, minimise stress and make informed investment decisions which in turn makes them more money and offer you the same benefits when we work together in understanding your purpose for the investment, your requirements and then matching these and your investment strategy to a ‘best fit’ investment vehicle, in a location and dwelling type to the outcome you require.
Our end-to-end customised solution ensures we hold your hand from understanding your purpose and requirements, matching it to ‘best fit’ solutions, having the home designed to comply and suit the participants needs, getting the home built and during construction liaising with care providers in the area for the purpose of lining up suited participants to occupy your SDA investment property and having the property managed on your behalf by a licensed SDA Rental Manager. 
Is this a priority you wish to solve taking advantage of our end-to-end customised solution?


Helping time-poor professionals and business owners grow their wealth via intelligent Property Investment | Residential Property Advisory & Acquisition Services

Growing up in ‘Joburg’ (SA) my family didn’t have much. I knew that I needed a way of making my own pocket money or go without!

My father was working for a printer that produced custom T-shirts for sale at major sporting events. I insisted on helping and at the tender age of 11 joined my dad and the sales team flogging T-shirts on the sidelines.

I was always stunned at how full my pockets felt at the end of each working day!

Determined to continue cutting my entrepreneurial teeth, I hit on the idea of buying and selling unwanted gifts which I sourced from neighbours, friends & family. By the end of that first year, I had accumulated R100 which was an absolute fortune for a young boy back in 70’s.

This taught me is that anyone is capable of building their wealth provided they have a burning desire, are committed to the process, and are prepared to give it a go.

Today I help busy, time-strapped business owners and professionals grow their wealth (via residential property) by making educated and informed decisions. I begin the process by understanding where my clients are financially and where they want to be longer-term … then help them build the bridge for getting there.

I get clear on their purpose, then source a selection of properties Australia-wide that best suit their budget, needs and goals … and which stack up on the due diligence front. I add value by putting them in touch with an array of professional services (accountants, solicitors and property managers, etc) to help support their investment, both now and into the future.

When the time is right, I help them secure their next investment property to gradually grow their investment portfolio from there.

With a background in financial planning of 15 years and now a further 16 years as a professional in the property space, I understand that property investment is a ‘numbers game’ and will only ever encourage my clients to invest in property that:

  • Suits their goals & investment strategies
  • Is capable of generating a steady cash flow, and
  • Demonstrates a strong potential for capital growth.

My clients tell me they love working with me because I really “get them” through listening and that I am very direct and transparent also because I put effort into educating them so that they can make informed decisions and because I’m prepared to challenge decisions that are ill-conceived & poorly thought-through.

My clients also like the fact that I’m committed to sticking around to help them build their wealth now and for the long term.

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