Kim Johnstone

Managing Director
Inclusive Living

Presentation Topic

Why height adjustable systems create accessible, functional, useable and safe SDA ​

This presentation focuses on how height adjustable systems create accessible, functional, useable and safe SDA environments, whilst helping to meet the changing needs of participants, carers, and visitors whilst provide better quality outcomes.

  • Discuss what type of height adjustable systems “fit for purpose” for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms applications
  • How various height adjustable systems can enhance and compliment outcomes = accessibility for all
  • Why do is it important to make your SDA stand out from the minimum design by incorporating best practices for all design categories
  • Why is it important “NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard, October 2019 states:

“At the centre of the NDIS is the need to maximise the choice and control of the participant, and to promote opportunities for social and economic participation. Accordingly, SDA should enhance self-determination and create the conditions required for participants to lead vibrant, safe and independent lives.”


Kim Johnstone is the director of Inclusive Living which is a division of Strategic Design Focus Pty Ltd (operating since 2005).  

Inclusive Living is a distributor of Height Adjustable Electric Lift Systems from Granberg of Sweden (operating since 1870 and developed adaptable kitchens in late 1950/1960s).  

Kim commenced Inclusive Living, to be part of the process of Australia’s changing and evolving healthcare, disability, retirement living, educational sectors. These changes were brought about via a paradigm shift through government policy initiatives, both State and Federal Government departments and a real need to support these change to achieve better outcomes for everyone involved.

Kim brings over 25 years experience of working within health, aged care/ retirement living and educational environments. Coupled with her commercial experience in strategic executive and sales roles, both State and National positions, this is supported by an MBA majoring in marketing, strategy, and implementation. 

Kim is passionate about raising awareness and education of how ‘height-adjustable lifting systems/assistive technology’ can enhance people’s lives, whilst creating environments that embrace inclusiveness for individuals and organisations. 

These products help to create accessible, adaptable, functional, useable, and safe environments for applications such as Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA), individual homes, education, workplace, and community environments. They offer individuals and organisations practical solutions to meet changing needs and to make it easier, safer and more convenient for everyone. Accessibility for all.

​Kim can be contacted on:
Phone:  1300 304 330 

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